Gentlemen, the holiday of romance is upon us. Your mission, and you should choose to accept it, shall be to lavish your lover with stunningly sexy lingerie. Are you ready to play Cupid? Love makes the world go around, Lingerie makes the ride even more worthwhile! In order to choose the right gift, you will need to do some detective work first. This is a perfect opportunity to really study your lover.

What is her size?

Step 1: What is her size?

Sneak a peek in her lingerie drawer. Choose one bra and one pair of panties that you know fit her well. Now comes the part where precision is key. Write down the size from each tag. For the bra, you need a number and a letter. For the panties, there will be either a number (5-16) or size (XS-XL). If possible, snap a picture with your phone of each tag. If you don’t live with your lover, then this assignment will require extra finesse.


Step 2: What is her style?

You might think she will look great in a thong, but what makes her feel sexy? If she always wears briefs then you might want to look at similar options. Is she shy and subtle? Is she wild and adventurous? Pay attention to what she likes most about her body and choose something to accentuate that feature. We are here to help if you get lost. Trust us, when she feels sexy, everyone wins.

What colors does she love?

Step 3: What colors does she love?

The easiest way to find this answer is by paying attention to what she normally wears (a peek in her closet and lingerie drawer also helps). Does she love red? Is her preference subtle classic tones? Is her staple color black? Choosing colors that match her palette is one way to find something she will love. Don’t be scared to buy something a little different though – after all, this is a treat.

Pick the Perfect Present

Step 4: Pick the Perfect Present

Now it is time to go shopping. Buy the matching set: bra and panties. After all, what is one without the other? Go ahead and complete the look with a garter and stockings. Look for robes, corsets, or skirts to add too. Pay attention to the details and refer back to the data you have collected.

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February 28th, 2015. This will apply to exchanges only. So if your sizing isn’t just right, she can still get the perfect fit.