Doctors may say it doesn’t work, but waist trainer corset – first made popular by Kim Kardashian – are still being widely used by celebrities looking for that enviable hourglass figure. 

Yet a group of ‘regular’ guys have discovered that it is far from the most comfortable way to whittle down a waist. 

In a recent comedic clip for Cosmopolitan, various male staff members and New York-based comedians are seen being roped – literally – into $79 waist-training corsets, and discomfort sets in fast.

‘Aw man. That is tight. That is super tight!’ The woman fitting the corsets didn’t let any of the guys get off lightly as she strapped them in

Waist-whittling: All of the Kardashian sisters have given the technique a try and soon enough the fad took over figure-obsessed Hollywood

‘Is this where you crush my bones?’ asks Derreck Heritage, one of the concerned men as a petite grey-haired woman tugged the corset tight.

‘This is honestly a form of torture I think they used in the Middle Ages,’ he adds.

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